A good prosecutor knows that her job is to enforce the law without fear or favor. (Klobuchar, Amy).” Prosecutors are the symbols of justice in the jurisdictions they serve. The role of prosecutors are critical in the justice system and complex. They are the administrators of justice, the officers of the court, vigilant advocates to reform and improve the administration of criminal justice. Ultimately, prosecutors are the voice of law in their jurisdiction and a model for people to follow.

One essential role of a prosecutor is to decide if law has been broken and determine whether a suspect have committed crime. “The office of prosecutor is charged with responsibility for prosecutions in its jurisdiction”(Prosecution Function 3- 1.2).They are the case tellers and the ones that decide whether a suspect should be tried for the crime. They have to make right and fair decisions, so that innocent people are not tried for a trial. In addition, “The prosecutor, who is supposed to carry the burden of proof, really is an author”(Turow, Scott). In the court, they explain the case and claims a suspect’s guilt giving evidences. They also find evidences to prove the suspect’s guilt. In a trial, prosecutors are people that decides whether to be prosecuted, but in a legislative sense, they are the voice of people.

Prosecutors’ role in legislature is also crucial, as they speak for the people and protection. For example, a King County prosecutor have changed some part of the law to make it easier to charge police over deadly force(Miletich, Steve). Their duty for the citizen is to provide protection from any factors such as pure violence, legislature and more. To provide protection from violences of any means, they should be able to efficiently manage those problems. In addition, “It is an important function of the prosecutor to seek to reform and improve the administration of criminal justice”(Prosecution Function 3- 1.2). Their job is to  make changes in society so that crime rate declines, and puts the people into safer state. When they face many situations involving violence, they find clear evidences that can be used to prove a criminal’s guilt. One of the roles of prosecutors in society is to provide protection, and the other is their respectable demeanor that sets a good example for the people.

Prosecutors are respected members in society, and they must set good examples for the people to follow. For example, “It is the duty of the prosecutor to know and be guided by the standards of professional conduct as defined by applicable professional traditions, ethical codes, and law in the prosecutor's jurisdiction”(Prosecution Function 3- 1.2). They always show respectable and noble conduct, giving the people a good example to follow. This helps people to be a better person and decrease crime rate among the nation. In addition, what makes prosecutors so well-received is that they are involved in training programs and continuous education which gives the people more trust(Prosecution Function 3- 2.6). As they play a huge role among society dealing with justice and protection, they are now a symbol of justice systems. With their constant training and education, people are able to have them as a model to follow. Prosecutors’ good conduct allows people to change.

The role of prosecutors is extensive, involving protection, legislatures, setting and showing a good example for the people to follow, and decide whether the person should be tried in trial. There are a lot of laws about them, and being a prosecutor also takes a lot of work. They stand up for people’s protection, and the nation’s security. “Job as a prosecutor is to do justice. And justice is served when a guilty man is convicted and an innocent man is not”(Sotomayor, Sonia).

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Robert H Jackson

A photograph of a former prosecutor Robert H. Jackson.

Justice Robert H04:11

Justice Robert H. Jackson's Closing Argument at Nuremberg (July 26, 1946)

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