Jim Crow Laws were created by white southerners to enforce racial segregation from the 1870s to the 1960s. The term "Jim Crow" is often used for racial segregation of white and black citizens. White Southerners drew a "color line" between whites and blacks. During this time, blacks were treated unfairly from white southerners. 

First off, white southerners treated them unfairly by different methods. For example, "whites only" and "colored" signs spread across the South
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at restrooms, theaters, schools, water fountains, and more. This would affect their daily lives since the quality for the "colored" was worse than whites. Many people would have gotten furious and tried to protest these acts. In addition, the Supreme court declared that the Jim Crow segregation was now legal. Many African Americans would have thought that the government was treating them like slaves. The Supreme Court should think of how unfairly they are treating blacks since they are no longer slaves. These examples show how white southerners started to treat them differently.

The Jim Crow Law forbidden African Americans to do various acts outsides in the public. One example is that whites did not use titles of respect to blacks like Mr., Mrs., Miss., and Sir. Blacks would feel bad since white people are not respecting them as they would to another white person. They were called by their first names, which would be embarrassing to be called from a white child. In addition, blacks were not allowed to show public affection to one another. This meant that blacks had to hug or kiss inside or else it would offend whites. Whites should think of how blacks think when they show public affection. These Jim Crow Laws show how various gestures or activities made life harder for blacks.

There were people who followed these laws, but also opposed and ignored them. One example is a man named Homer A. Plessy, who sat in
the white-only railroad coach and got arrested. He represented two societies: one white, and advantaged; the other, black, disadvantaged. Similar to Rosa Parks, they both took a stand against the racism and unfair laws. Another terrible thing was that blacks who disobeyed the laws would be punished. Blacks could truly feel how whites felt about them, since they could be arrested if they disobeyed. They limited their freedom, keeping the pride of slavery.The Jim Crow Laws prohibited blacks from basic rights and looked down on. The white southerners should feel how unfair these acts are. Many blacks wouldn't risk going to prison, so they would just follow the rules. In my opinion, white southerners have taken these laws too far, since blacks are American citizens too. Different laws show how white southerners discriminated African Americans, even though they were an American citizen.

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