“Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.” by Will Rogers. As you can see in this quote, defense attorneys are lawyers specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. (The Law Dictionary) In trials, they are responsible for a few jobs. They represent a defendant in court proceedings, often in criminal court when the defendant has been accused of committing a crime like burglary or murder.

The first part of defense attorney’s job is the pre-trial service. Whether the charges against the defendant are a misdemeanor or a major felony, defense attorney needs to provide the legal defense. (The Law Dictionary) Defense attorney usually looks for evidences that shows that the defendant is innocent for the legal defense. However, it is not easy to find them, especially


“Picture of Defense Attorney in Court.” Chron, Chron, Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

when the defendant actually accept the crime, so the defense attorneys try to lower the level of crime. Also, the defense attorney has rights to drop out of the case if they don’t think they can win the case. (The Baltimore Sun) Defense attorneys protects other for their own goods, and the cases are very crucial to their reputation, so if they think that they can’t win, they will drop out of the case. These might occur when the defendant accepted the crime, or if there aren’t enough evidences found. The defense attorney plays a crucial role in pre-trial services but also during the trial.The second part of defense attorney’s job is defense during the trial. When negotiation and plea bargains fail, the defense attorney prepares to represent their client in court. (MJEOL) This requires defense attorneys to utilize their evidences and write a logical statement. Also, defense attorney’s ability to convince others and give reasonable arguments are decisive. Defense attorneys do not get any pressure for proving the defendant is innocent, but they have the rights to give evidences that might persuade jurors that defendant is innocent. (Chron) The defense attorneys usually convinces the juries that they were at a certain situation to commit this crime. The important part is that the defense attorneys need to be able to cast doubts of the client's guilt in the minds of the jury. The defense attorneys play a very essential role in the trial.

Mueller defense attorney's opening statement03:11

Mueller defense attorney's opening statement

Mueller Defense Attorney's Opening Statement. Youtube, Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

Defense attorney's role is to argue on behalf of the defendant. They have to give a convincing argument for the dependant, and bring the minds of jury to the defendant's side. (The Law Dictionary) However, this process is also risking their own reputation and even their life. "The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law." (Jeremy Bentham)

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